San Diego is known for its music scene and is home to a lot of up-and-coming artists. If you need a studio to record your piece or just to rehearse before a big show, we’ve got you covered. The city has several music studios, rehearsal studios and even home studios. So, there is something available for every budget.

San Diego is an expensive city. So be prepared to shell out big bucks if you want to record in a fancy studio. If you know a musician in town, he may be able to hook you up with a free studio if you are lucky. It always pays to have good connections.

At the top of our list is the Hindsight Rehearsal Studio. It is equipped with a great studio and musical  instruments. You can hire the gear along with the studio at hourly rates. You can even rent out studios for a month at a time. Musicians love this studio because of its low rates. Even if you forgot to pack your drums, you can rent one at an affordable price.

Studio M.I.F at La Mesa is a great place to record your music. Apart from the music studio, they also have video and photography studios. They have professional sound engineers with years of experience in recording and mixing. It’s a great environment and favourite of many local DJs.

Another studio worth checking out is the Rock And Roll San Diego. You can record, rehearse and even rent equipment from this popular studio. Rock And Roll has been around for decades. Don’t bet be surprised if you find many touring bands and local talent rehearsing here till early morning hours.

The last on our list is Blitz Recording Studios, known for its famous ‘ear’ Richard Blitz. He makes sure every minute you have paid for is used in the best possible way.